Grignan Beef operates in the meat industry, from livestock to slaughter, from raw material purchasing to wholesale, from small butchers to large-scale distributors.

Wholesale of high quality meats.

Grignan Beef is a genuine leader in the meat processing and marketing sector.We are a company that specialises in wholesale supplies of beef, sheep, pigs and lambs; we have worked for many years marketing fresh, high quality quality meats, and manufacturing typical “I Grignanetti” salami.

The operating know-how we’ve gained over the years by processing and marketing the various processed meats have made Grignan Beef a professional-grade food company, an ideal partner for the meat industry, that can offer guarantees in terms of quality standards, volumes and quick delivery times.

Distribution: flawless delivery service!

Our company has operated in the meat trading sector for years, and serves as a reliable reference point for all commercial operators, hotels, caterers, canteens and retail distributors alike, as well as anyone who is interested in high quality products and services.

Our firm also has its own fleet of refrigerated vehicles, which allows us to exercise strict control and absolute respect for the cold chain.At the same time, we can also offer our customers the best possible service when delivering their orders.

Our distribution service allows us to meet all of your requests quickly, and to meet your every need operationally; Grignan Beef can also offer the very best certified meat distribution services.

The services we offer include:

– a cutting-edge computer system for tracking and storage of incoming and outgoing goods;
– the highest possible levels of quality;
– large refrigeration units to ensure all our services – storage, packaging and on-request commercial preparations – are connected together efficiently;
– direct delivery to points of sale spread across the entire region;
– experienced and qualified employees who are fully compliant with with hygiene regulations and HACCP procedures.