The Company

The Company


Grignan Beef process meat in a careful and typical handmade way required by the wholesale production, by the innovation in a sector in which standards are stricter and stricter. For us, meat processing, an old tradition, dates back to more than a hundred year of a family history where the business has been handed down from father to son, but widening more and more the view every generational change.

Our activities started at the beginning of 1900 with the meat, cold cuts production and retail and went on, after the war, with Pietro Sala and his wife Irene.

In 1946, the eldest son Daniele, coming from the war, turned his company activities into butchery and wholesale. In 1990, the leader was Gianpiero, Daniele’s son, who cut of with the butchery and retail activity and gave the family business its current organization, which has been kept on by Daniele and Elisabeth, the latest Sala’s generation.

In 2014, Grignan Beef took another step forwards and started the new producing salami lines: bresaola and slinzega, the best in the company and the region, and an entire line of sausages