In Grignan Beef, we process pork, poultry and white meat that has already been butchery, so the choice of companies is an integral part of our business process, and it is carried out personally by the Sala family.
We only supply meats that are certified and traceable. Animals aimed to be butchered have to undergo a health inspection and documentation controls. We only purchase meat that has been butchered in controlled livestock farmings in compliance with hygiene-health rules, on automated lines, to ensure fast times. The half cuts that we select must be properly classified, labelled and stored.
Like the cattle meat, the beef and veal meats come mainly from Italian farms as far as possible, and are then supplied to the European market.
We buy our pork meat, white meat and poultry exclusively from domestic farms.



We receive selected meats that have been butchered and cut into half, and proceed with the next steps in-house: cutting and deboning. A business passion for a well done, detailed work, combined to a streamlined and dynamic organization, which makes flexibility our force, which allows us to meet the demand of all our customers.
We prepare fresh meats, divided into quarters and anatomical cuts of various sizes, with or without bone, ready to be packed and addressed to restaurants, shops and supermarkets.
Every stage of production takes place in clean, sanitary and temperature-controlled environments, by qualified staff, according to all the EEC health and sanitary standards. One cold store is equipped only for game birds: venison, deer and wild boar meats.


When the meat is cut and portioned, goes to the last step of our manufacturing process: vacuum packaging.
A vacuum is the best way to keep the flavour, aroma, color, moisture and nourishing properties of meats intact. The preservation time is about 30-40 days in storage.
Vacuum packaging, combined with a rigorous cold chain and overall care garantees the maximum freshness of the product to the final customer.
On receiving each type of the product, the company traceability management program generates an internal batch.
The internal batch contains all of the data on the animal passport: ear tag, country of birth, rearing, butchery, cutting workshop.
This internal batch follows the product throughout all of the processing phases, right up to the sale, to guarantee traceability. Meat delivery is fast and safe too: our trucks are fitted with certified refrigerators that comply with all legal requirements, and deliver the goods no later than two working days after the order is received.

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