Valsassina is not only a land of cheese: amongst its typical products are bresaola and beef Slinzega, two specialties from the great tradition with a unique flavour.
There are cuts of beef leg, which are similar in processing, but different in taste. Bresaola is milder, while Slinzega in stronger because of its particularly long, narrow shape, which allows it to be seasoned differently. This two specialties are produced by Grignan Beef entirely in its own factories, taking strictly care and attention in every step of production, from meat selection to packaging.
Entering details, once the best cuts have been selected, they go into stages in which the meat is marinated, mixed with appropriately dosed salt and herbs, and is then put into special containers and stored in the cold room at a temperature of 0-2 ° C.
In the days thereafter, the meat is massaged daily so that it absorbs better the flavour. At this stage the dried beef begins to acquire its own flavour, which differs from each producer. After 15 days, after the pickling stage, the meat is removed from the containers, bagged by a bagging press tool, and stored in the cold room to dry for 5 days. After drying, the meat is hung up for 30-40 days in a maturing cell, a room that ensures appropriate temperature and humidity conditions. At the end of the last process, the bresaola and slinzega are vacuum-packed ready to be sold.


Hams, mortadella, salami, sausages, salamelle, cotechini: cold cuts and sausages have always been the gastronomic specialties of our valley, excellent products for flavour, perfume, quality, taste and aroma. A hundred year old tradition that we have reinvented with our product line, with a brand name and a clear identity. The powerful call to the company is given by the name and the distinctive elements of the logo (the shape, the banner), but with the freshness and renewed energy required to lead Grignan Beef into a new chapter of its history.
The Grignanetti are really tasty, nourishing treasures, easy to be purchased.

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